Meneachea's inspired mantra

I met Meneachea at Columbus Circle, her enthusiasm for what I was doing made her stop and chat. I'm happy I asked what inspired her. Her answer was quick off the top of her head and spot on. "music, life, service, and the earth." Listen to her reasons why. Filmed in 2011, just as relevant now as it was then.

I honor her as we celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th #IWD2015

What's MY Inspiration? by NYCsubwayGirl

I created this short of my experience performing in the underground of NYC. Here are the things I see, the people I meet and the moments that turn my music in collaboration with commuters into it's own version of public art. And why I created the Inspiration Project.


Inspirations from people I meet, spontaneous jams with other artists. Life, humanity and human connection. Filmed throughout NYC subway and train stations.

words and music Cathy Grier singerfish publishing SESAC

Question Of Desire, Keep You Out, Cool Trick, Jungle,

with Bobby News Guy and featuring Inspired commuters: -Leonie- Graybar -Jeremy- Graybar-woman- Grand Central mezzo-Ruth- Columbus circle-Michael- Shuttle-Guy- Grand Central mezzo-Sonia German student- Shuttle-Richard- Col cir-Qainat- Shuttle-Jorge- Col Cir-Myah -Union SQ-Cathy- SI ferry terminal-Mustafa- LIRR and musicians, Break dancers, Poet Myah, Cathy sings duet Amacing Grace, Josjua bucket drummer,Justin sings duet-You've Got A Friend-Carole King, Ray saxaphone and Don The Shoe Dude.

Vo Era

Musician Vo Era walked by me while I was performing at Grand Central Station, I asked if he wanted to jam and he opened his case took out a sweet Ibanez and began riffing on one of my songs. On his way to catch a train, we only had a chance to chat for a brief moment, but I did film him a bit. I checked out his website and loved this comment: "Do I choose to do this or do I have to do this, but this you go the extra mile because it's so more rewarding."

What Inspires Vo? "Life."