jamming with Dan + Bobby Inspired

Every once in a while another Music Under NY musician walks by and we jam.  Dan Kleederman is a wonderful guitarist and bassist with the group Yes Noyes.  He gladly took my guitar and we jammed to the song Valerie.  His friend Bobby a film maker, was game to take the camera and record us.  Afterwards I asked my favorite question of Dan + Bobby: What's Your Inspiration?

Vo Era

Musician Vo Era walked by me while I was performing at Grand Central Station, I asked if he wanted to jam and he opened his case took out a sweet Ibanez and began riffing on one of my songs. On his way to catch a train, we only had a chance to chat for a brief moment, but I did film him a bit. I checked out his website and loved this comment: "Do I choose to do this or do I have to do this, but this you go the extra mile because it's so more rewarding."

What Inspires Vo? "Life."