Joe Hanneman Inspiration



I met Joe in Grand Central and we had a wonderful and engaging chat.  He has led such an interesting life. Many years ago he was asked to help coordinate the German Day parade, which led to a pretty busy career coordinating parades in New York City and throughout the country. One of the curious insights he told me was how to deal with crowd control. He realized if people looked up they would naturally want to lean backward and in so doing, create more space and less pushing forward. So the ticker tape and the float were really put into use. Who knew?

What Inspires Joe? 7 trombones and 4 tubas in an army band.


Laura Hankin from Galo Magazine

Laura came to hear me perform for an article she was writing about female subway musicians for Galo (Global Art Laid Out) Magazine. She listened for a while and then we chatted.  

What inspires Laura?  "Friends and family….the love that we give to each other.."

Here's a link to the article she wrote: Female Subway Musicians A Rarity - Galo Magazine

Comin' Back To Me words and music Cathy Grier singerfish publishing SESAC


Leonie guest artist Grand Central Station

I met Leonie while playing at Grand Central Graybar corridor.  I noticed Leonie looking at my guitar and asked if she played. I encouraged her to have a go and the gutsy woman that she is, played 'Closer I Am To Fine,' by the Indigo Girls. Leonie works for the UN in Darfur, Sudan doing landmine clearance).

What Inspires Leonie?  "A word free of land mines and kids at play having fun."

What Inspires Carol who used to also work in Darfur?  Her friend Carol added her inspiration too: the work that Leonie does. I second that!

What's Your Inspiration?

What Inspires Michael?

I met Michael at Grand Central subway station, he listened for a while and then we engaged in conversation about the experience of spontaneous moments like passing a subway musician and taking the time to stop. What Inspires Michael? "Humanity of what this experience was inspired by your music at this particular moment, the human connection with you and your music absolutely lovely. Totally unexpected, I have risen with my heart and my sense of being multifold."

What's Your Inspiration?

Vo Era

Musician Vo Era walked by me while I was performing at Grand Central Station, I asked if he wanted to jam and he opened his case took out a sweet Ibanez and began riffing on one of my songs. On his way to catch a train, we only had a chance to chat for a brief moment, but I did film him a bit. I checked out his website and loved this comment: "Do I choose to do this or do I have to do this, but this you go the extra mile because it's so more rewarding."

What Inspires Vo? "Life."