Helga Davis WNYC + WQXR radio host

Helga Davis WNYC + WQXR radio host of "Overnight Music," passed by my LIRR gig and recognized me from my appearance at the 1st WNYC Battle of The Boroughs.  She was a judge and I was representing Manhattan.  I was surprised to see how fresh my performance that night was still in her mind.  Made this subway performer smile. 

What inspires Helga?  "Beauty and music."

here's a link to my Battle of The Boroughs performance of my song "Comin' Back To Me"

Brian Hill + Neil Bartram Inspired

Friends playwright Brian Hill and composer Neil Bartram walked past me just after getting off a train in Grand Central Station. It's always fun to catch up with people I know. I took the opportunity to ask the question "What' Inspires You?" "Human connection."

What's Your Inspiration?


What Inspires Diana and Rubin?

LIRR was full of gutsy, honest and passionate commuters today willing to share their raw talent with LIRR station. Never having met before, Diana and Rubin arrived at the same time and with the same thing in common, love of music. And the support of yours truly to give them control of my mic and guitar. Why not? This is what I love about performing in public spaces.

What's their inspiration? Soul and music.


what inspires Tim Hall?

What Inspires Tim Hall? Nature and the view of the Hudson from his apartment.

I can't argue with that, small world Tim and I were neighbors in Washington Heights some years ago. I love that on any given day performing in the subway someone that I might know passes by. I'm glad Tim stopped to chat.

In Manhattan we are surrounded by water, It isn't called Manhattan Island for nothing. I am so glad that after all these years the shores of this amazing island are being enjoyed for their beauty and calm in a constantly stirred up Urban sea.


What inspires Fidel?

I met Fidel while performing at 42nd street @ 6th avenue. Fidel an actor/writer and producer, also works in NYC inspiring kids at Oasis Summer Camp. Hearing Fidel's passion about nurturing "the intangible" and what inspires him, supporting "what you believe in that no one sees," makes me so happy I asked him to share his thoughts.


What Inspires Richard Allen?

I met Richard Allen at Union Square to talk about his wedding plans where I'll be singing and performing. Salieu Suso was set up to perform and we had an amazing day jamming together.
What Inspires Richard? Poetry, film, music and Isabelle of course!

what's your inspiration?


What Inspires Roberto A. Sanchez?

I met Roberto and his wife Mary Jo who were traveling through LIRR station while I was singing. Inspired to listen to my song Jungle, they stopped and we had a chance to chat. A LEED certified Architect, he gave me a passionate and spontaneous conversation about the environment and his definition of Sustainability. Continuing our conversation, he shared what motivates him to want to make a difference in the world.

So what Inspires Roberto A. Sanchez? Doing something for future generations so they can breathe, so future generations can grow things.

And a saying from a Cherokee Chief, "We did not inherit our land from our grand parents. We are borrowing it from our grandchildren and great-grand children. What are we going to leave for them?"

check out Roberto's other clips on my Sustainability page, very inspiring indeed.

Clown Happy, Times SQ

Life of a subway performer continued. Clowns in NYC subway March 18, 2011
Arriving at my scheduled spot to perform in Times SQuare, William Ruiz the amazing native american tongue drummer and percussionist was still performing. As he was playing along passed clowns Dolly Dimples, (Sacramento CA) and Sparky The Clown, (Lake of The Ozarks, MO aka Jackie Newton) on their way to the 2011 World Clown Convention  What inspires Dolly and Sparky? "Smiling...we have to learn to laugh at ourselves." "My grandson, and dogs..." 

Who says the subway isn't full of fun and fascinating people. For musicians, it's our office so we hang and chat. Water cooler chat subway style.

Check out William's What's Your Inspiration clip

Martina's Inspiration

At Penn Station MUNY gal pal and diva extraordinaire Martina Bruno walked by and stopped for a chat and spontaneous song (note the train horn)! Her infectious laugh and words, well....Inspiring.

What's Martina's Inspiration? "Smiles, children, dogs, people..."We're all one, when I see someone else, I see myself."

"You're whole and complete, there's nothing that you need to fix, you're perfect the way you are."

See why I love to film these little treasures.  What's Your Inspiration?  Come find me at one of my gigs and let me know.