Meneachea's inspired mantra

I met Meneachea at Columbus Circle, her enthusiasm for what I was doing made her stop and chat. I'm happy I asked what inspired her. Her answer was quick off the top of her head and spot on. "music, life, service, and the earth." Listen to her reasons why. Filmed in 2011, just as relevant now as it was then.

I honor her as we celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th #IWD2015

Nousha Salimi Inspired photo journalist

I met Nousha at Columbus Circle, she found my website and came to take pictures for her
project about Subway musicians. We've connected quite a bit since then and she has
shared the pictures she took of me,

and here's her photographic expose of the 1st day she spent with me at Columbus Circle from her website.

I invited Nousha to be a part of Eve Ensler's One Billion Rising project to end
violence against women. Nousha is from Iran and her video is especially moving.
What inspires Nousha?  Music and Photography.
Here are some of the images Nousha took last Thursday and Friday as she walked around NYC after the Hurricane. 
Battery Park
cell phone charging station

closed subway station

Vicki Randle Inspiration

Summer Solstice arrived June 20th at 7:09 PM EST and already giving NYC some serious summer heat. I was performing on the uptown 1 platform at Columbus Circle, and the unmistakable vocalist and percussionist Vicki Randle (of the Kevin Eubanks group on Jay Leno) passed by me with a grin. 

In town performing with Mavis Staples at the Beacon Theatre with Bonnie Raitt, Vicki and I chatted about inspirations and the first time we met many years ago in Key West when I opened for Laura Nyro and Vicki was in the band.

What Inspires Vicki?  "…what just happened…..just the sound, its the complex beautiful sound of music that creates something inside you, it makes an emotion in me…"

a little 1980's history in Key West

What Inspires Ruth Reichl?

NYCSubwayGirl was happy to see Ruth Reichl  (writer, eater, cook, former Gourmet editor) at Columbus Circle 59th st station. Seeing a friend in the subway, "makes the city feel comfy."

What inspires Ruth? Walking around the city and looking at peoples faces.

Ruth speaks and writes about food in ways that can make even the most jaded or obsessed step back in wonderment. 

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