Harrison Jacobs Inspired Journalist

I met Harrison in Union Square where he was embarking on a photo essay assignment for Business Insider on Buskers (subway musicians). What inspires Harrison? A great song..words and New York.

What's your inspiration?

here's Harrison's story on buskers.  I'm thrilled to be a part of the story, and only wish there could have been more women in it. Sadly when walking about the subway there seem to be less women out there busking. But we are there folks, we are there. Calling all women......

Jared Inspired Busker + Don community seeker

Traveling on my way to the ALIA summer 2013 institute conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia
I met Jared at a truck stop in New Brunswick. He so inspired me by sitting there with all the cars and trucks coming and going.
What inspires Jared? "My heritage."
I met Don in Heartwood Cafe in Halifax, NS 
What inspires Don? "Curiosity, new people, learning new things…and having fun!"

What's MY Inspiration? by NYCsubwayGirl

I created this short of my experience performing in the underground of NYC. Here are the things I see, the people I meet and the moments that turn my music in collaboration with commuters into it's own version of public art. And why I created the Inspiration Project.


Inspirations from people I meet, spontaneous jams with other artists. Life, humanity and human connection. Filmed throughout NYC subway and train stations.

words and music Cathy Grier singerfish publishing SESAC

Question Of Desire, Keep You Out, Cool Trick, Jungle,

with Bobby News Guy and featuring Inspired commuters: -Leonie- Graybar -Jeremy- Graybar-woman- Grand Central mezzo-Ruth- Columbus circle-Michael- Shuttle-Guy- Grand Central mezzo-Sonia German student- Shuttle-Richard- Col cir-Qainat- Shuttle-Jorge- Col Cir-Myah -Union SQ-Cathy- SI ferry terminal-Mustafa- LIRR and musicians, Break dancers, Poet Myah, Cathy sings duet Amacing Grace, Josjua bucket drummer,Justin sings duet-You've Got A Friend-Carole King, Ray saxaphone and Don The Shoe Dude.

Leonie guest artist Grand Central Station

I met Leonie while playing at Grand Central Graybar corridor.  I noticed Leonie looking at my guitar and asked if she played. I encouraged her to have a go and the gutsy woman that she is, played 'Closer I Am To Fine,' by the Indigo Girls. Leonie works for the UN in Darfur, Sudan doing landmine clearance).

What Inspires Leonie?  "A word free of land mines and kids at play having fun."

What Inspires Carol who used to also work in Darfur?  Her friend Carol added her inspiration too: the work that Leonie does. I second that!

What's Your Inspiration?

Thula Sizwe Inspired the commuters

While performing at SI ferry terminal, a group arrived with some gorgeous large African drums, colorful shirts and warm glowing smiles. They came over and performed a song for people awaiting the 3:30 ferry. Little by little the crowds drew closer until they filled the area in front of the group. This clip is an excerpt and I could only film from my vantage point (I still had my guitar on and was frozen in my feet with amazement).

I later learned the group Thula Sizwe was in America thanks to a wonderful organization Bridges Of Peace and Hope.


What's Your Inspiration?

Bridges of Peace and Hope is an international network of teachers, students, and friends collaborating on creative, arts in education projects that promote respect, understanding, and communication. You can like them on facebook

Jack O'Brien Inspired

I met Jack O'Brien in Grand Central terminal one afternoon, we chatted and he shared he had written a song entitled "Birds Of A Feather," inspired by his daughter's engagement. He later contacted me and asked if I would sing and record it for him. So I did. He returned to Grand Central with his son JC to film me singing it live. I found the whole experience moving and well, Inspirational too.

What's you inspiration?


Adham Fisher Subway Record attempt

Adham connected with me from England as he was preparing a trip to NYC to attempt to break the record of visiting all 468 NYCSubway stops in the least amount of time. In 2009, two New Yorkers, Matthew Ferrisi and Chris Solarz, set the Guinness record for covering the city’s 468 subway stations in 22 hours 52 minutes.

We met during the annual Divas Underground performance at Union Square to discuss his plan. I found a pocket map someone gave me some time ago and we have a funny chat about the size of the maps the MTA provides. Good Luck Adham.

 read about it in NY Times CityRoom blog

Adham wrote to me: I went to all stations in 23 hours, 11 minutes, 24 seconds. It wasn't the record he had hoped for, but has left for Toronto where he'll attempt to break the record there. Good Luck Adham.

Samantha Margulies Diva Underground

Samantha Margulies Music Under New York performer (Opera, Broadway + Pop singer).

I chatted with Samantha during the 2011 Divas Underground (annual full day lineup of women performers from the MUNY program) at Union Square station.

What Inspires Samantha?  "Freedom that the subway allows."

check out the New York Magazine article with Samantha featured 

  • the 2012 Divas Underground will be held Thursday March 29 from 12pm-7pm at Union Square 14th street just above N/R platforms

What Inspires Michael?

I met Michael at Grand Central subway station, he listened for a while and then we engaged in conversation about the experience of spontaneous moments like passing a subway musician and taking the time to stop. What Inspires Michael? "Humanity of what this experience was inspired by your music at this particular moment, the human connection with you and your music absolutely lovely. Totally unexpected, I have risen with my heart and my sense of being multifold."

What's Your Inspiration?

Brian Hill + Neil Bartram Inspired

Friends playwright Brian Hill and composer Neil Bartram walked past me just after getting off a train in Grand Central Station. It's always fun to catch up with people I know. I took the opportunity to ask the question "What' Inspires You?" "Human connection."

What's Your Inspiration?


What Inspires Qainat kahn?

I met Qainat Kahn, a Columbia journalism student at Grand Central Station where she came to interview me for research for a master thesis on subway musicians. A musician herself, she believes that music allows people to connect in a way that is rare in this world and subway musicians get a chance to do that.

What inspires Qainat? Human interaction


pups E-Waste trip

On September I7, 2011 I walked to an LES Ecology Center e-waste event in front of Tekserve. With my pups in tow, we brought a box of old cell phones, cameras, a fax machine, transformers and cables to be properly disposed of. It was a true NY moment.

When we arrived I met Development Director, Caroline Kruse who shared with me just how easy it is to recycle electronic waste.

It might take a little of your time, but recycling e-waste is so important. It feels good to know there's something you can do to reduce the massive amount of toxic waste we produce and discard without much thought. The Lower East Side Ecology Center leads the way.