Luellen Abdoo MUNY violinist performs "Luango"

Walking through Grand Central's Graybar corridor I met Music Under NY violinist Luellen Abdoo. I asked her what inspires her. Music and people. Here's her world premiere of a new composition "Luango" by composer Joe Gianono.  There's lovely work being performed in public spaces, you just have to go out and find it.

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Clown Happy, Times SQ

Life of a subway performer continued. Clowns in NYC subway March 18, 2011
Arriving at my scheduled spot to perform in Times SQuare, William Ruiz the amazing native american tongue drummer and percussionist was still performing. As he was playing along passed clowns Dolly Dimples, (Sacramento CA) and Sparky The Clown, (Lake of The Ozarks, MO aka Jackie Newton) on their way to the 2011 World Clown Convention  What inspires Dolly and Sparky? "Smiling...we have to learn to laugh at ourselves." "My grandson, and dogs..." 

Who says the subway isn't full of fun and fascinating people. For musicians, it's our office so we hang and chat. Water cooler chat subway style.

Check out William's What's Your Inspiration clip

LIRR A Day Full of Inspiration

Today I returned to LIRR after a longer than usual winter break due to the snow and cold. It was great to be back. People in this location are always full of inspirations.  Here's some that I captured on video.

What inspires Kayra and Erica "not have to go to a job I hate every morning," and "Life struggles."


What Inspires Karim? "Seeing beauty in the small things we take for granted."


What Inspires Anita? Not to miss her train. To be a comedian, laughter and her Mother.

What Inspires Nancy? Pure and simple, "Music and Love."