8 String Guitar Jam inspired Vincent Denis

I met Vincent when he auditioned at the Music Under NY Auditions (he's also in the clip I made about the auditions for my Inspiration Project series).

One day Vincent showed up while I was playing in LIRR Penn Station and we jammed. What inspires Vincent? music and people and the chance to play.

 What's Your Inspiration?

thanks to Ian James MacRae Jackson for co-editing this clip

Inspired Singing Identical Twin Sisters

I met Adriana in Penn Station while I was singing and she was waiting for her sister Viviana to show up.  When Viviana showed up and I saw they were identical twins, I had to ask them my favorite question. "What inspires you?"  What I didn't know was how well they harmonize together. Sisters!

What inspires Adriana and Viviana?  Music and of course each other!

What's Your Inspiration? 

Percussionists Owusu and Sabor Inspiration

MUNY artist Owusu (Tyrone Owusu Slater) and fellow percussionist Sabor played before me at the LIRR location in Penn Station. Before they left, they gave me incredible, honest inspirations about love and healing.

Here is a performance brought to you by StreetperformersTV  

Tyrone Owusu Slater is the co-founder and program director of the Biko Transformation Center. Check it out!

edited by Dan Kleederman

Martina's Inspiration

At Penn Station MUNY gal pal and diva extraordinaire Martina Bruno walked by and stopped for a chat and spontaneous song (note the train horn)! Her infectious laugh and words, well....Inspiring.

What's Martina's Inspiration? "Smiles, children, dogs, people..."We're all one, when I see someone else, I see myself."

"You're whole and complete, there's nothing that you need to fix, you're perfect the way you are."

See why I love to film these little treasures.  What's Your Inspiration?  Come find me at one of my gigs and let me know.