Roberto A. Sanchez talks about Sustainability

I met Roberto Sanchez and his wife Mary Jo who were traveling through LIRR station while I was singing. Inspired to listen to my song Jungle, they stopped and we had a chance to chat. A LEED certified Architect, he gave me a passionate and spontaneous conversation about the environment and his definition of Sustainability.

"Sustainability is the art and science of giving information to matter." Using rain water more efficiently, storing it in cisterns, using it to flush toilets, for golf courses and irrigation. Solar using sun rays to produce electricity and to heat water. 

"A way to be kind to Mother Nature."

 and here's Part 2:

LEED certified Architect Roberto Sanchez gave me a passionate and spontaneous conversation about the environment. The Fukushima Nuclear plants 2 months later are still burning since the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on March 11, 2011

read the latest news from International atomic energy agency

His wife Mary Jo listened intently to her husband rattle off the top of his head the things he is helping to work on to make our world a more sustainable planet:

Waste to energy, garbage to electricity, something he is doing in Costa Rica. Many Florida plants produce 600 kwh's per ton of garbage conversion.

"Land fills are a crime... an ecological crime, flushing toilets with potable water is a crime." "There are so many alternatives that are incredible."

Thank you Roberto.

 check out Roberto's What's Your Inspiration clip on this site


on 2011-06-27 19:19 by NYC Subway Girl

from Robert Sanchez:


I got it, it is great! I love it. You capture the moment.

Have sent it to a few good friends that understand and are aware of "respect and love to Mother Earth" Yes.

I am now working on a project in Chile: A Secondary Road that collects torrential rain water from the shoulder:

I explain: The shoulder is made from shredded rubber made from discarded auto tires (pollutants) . The water filters through into a perforate pipe below and collected at the valleys of the terrain. 

Tanks below grade make it available for irrigation of large vegetable fields,  also it is filtered and purified for  potable water of 3 small villages the road passes by.

Cost of the water: 0

Fiber optic cable under the rubber ( actually a soup of shredder rubber+ glue = paving surface) is energized buy small solar panels during the day, at night a sensor discharges the electricity an illuminates the edge of the road for SAFETY.

Cost of electricity : 0