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One Billion Rising flashmob in Union Square + ABC carpet + home,  I chatted with organizer Daniela Plattner and photographer Cole Blumstein. Deepak Chopra gave his wisdom and I sang my song Rise up inspired by Eve Ensler and the One Billion Rising movement.

What inspires Daniela? " Dance shows us that we're never stuck...and teaches us to say no and to learn our boundaries and defend our love."

Deepak "let this moment be a new revolution for humanity, no more violence against women. The empowerment of the goddess energy. A new civilization. Beauty, intuition, nurturing, affection, tenderness will rule the world. We love our mothers, our sisters, our spouses, our lovers and let this be a sacred moment and a revolution at the same time."

Rise Up words and music Cathy Grier

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Nousha Salimi Inspired photo journalist

I met Nousha at Columbus Circle, she found my website and came to take pictures for her
project about Subway musicians. We've connected quite a bit since then and she has
shared the pictures she took of me,

and here's her photographic expose of the 1st day she spent with me at Columbus Circle from her website.

I invited Nousha to be a part of Eve Ensler's One Billion Rising project to end
violence against women. Nousha is from Iran and her video is especially moving.
What inspires Nousha?  Music and Photography.
Here are some of the images Nousha took last Thursday and Friday as she walked around NYC after the Hurricane. 
Battery Park
cell phone charging station

closed subway station

Shine The Light Times SQ

It might have rained October 2nd in Times Square, but the evening was charged with amazing energy.  New Yorkers rising up to acknowledge Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Manhattan Borough Pres. Scott Stringer was on hand to officiate with speakers Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, Eve Ensler, NYC NOW Pres Sonia Ossorio, and NY Assembly member Linda Rosenthal including Yolanda Jiminez commissioner of the Mayor's office to combat domestic violence.

I went to witness Times Square being illuminated in purple and thrilled to hear from Eve Ensler writer of Vagina Monologues and creator of VDay, who fired up the crowd despite the rain and a sudden blown PA, thankfully a megaphone was on hand. Beforehand I got a chance to speak with the fearless Sister Mary Nerney, founder and former director of STEPS to End Family Violence and Greenhope: Services for Women, Sabrina Mosquera, and Connie Marquez deputy director of STEPS, Helen of Korean Family Services, Steven Walerstein and Jack Raplee of Powers inc.  All of whom shared their inspirations with me and their commitment to ending violence.  These people are on the front lines of domestic violence and I want to honor them.

"We are blessed to be living in the safest city in America, but what good does it do if in fact we're not safe in our homes." Cyrus Vance Manhattan DA

STEPS director Connie Marquez stated with passion "we will be a violent free society."  

I love that. What can you do to help end Domestic Violence? Stand Up, reach out and refuse to accept a violent society. 

Rise Up Against Violence words and music Cathy Grier 

What Inspires Melanie Butler day 49 OWS

I met Melanie in Zuccotti Park day 49 of the Occupy Wall Street movement. She spoke to a group gathered with the amazing Eve Ensler to hear women's stories of why they had come to Occupy Wall Street. Melanie shared her excitement about the new women's safe space tent she had gone to check out and donate supplies to. It was the first day of the tent, a welcomed protected space as it was a cold and windy night.

What inspires Melanie Butler? Her female mentors a women's peace organization and the activist community in NYC.

To watch and hear her speak these words "I'm just so full of hope." Well all I can say is Inspirational!

What's Your Inspiration?