Adham Fisher Subway Record attempt

Adham connected with me from England as he was preparing a trip to NYC to attempt to break the record of visiting all 468 NYCSubway stops in the least amount of time. In 2009, two New Yorkers, Matthew Ferrisi and Chris Solarz, set the Guinness record for covering the city’s 468 subway stations in 22 hours 52 minutes.

We met during the annual Divas Underground performance at Union Square to discuss his plan. I found a pocket map someone gave me some time ago and we have a funny chat about the size of the maps the MTA provides. Good Luck Adham.

 read about it in NY Times CityRoom blog

Adham wrote to me: I went to all stations in 23 hours, 11 minutes, 24 seconds. It wasn't the record he had hoped for, but has left for Toronto where he'll attempt to break the record there. Good Luck Adham.