More Rising

One Billion Rising flashmob in Union Square + ABC carpet + home,  I chatted with organizer Daniela Plattner and photographer Cole Blumstein. Deepak Chopra gave his wisdom and I sang my song Rise up inspired by Eve Ensler and the One Billion Rising movement.

What inspires Daniela? " Dance shows us that we're never stuck...and teaches us to say no and to learn our boundaries and defend our love."

Deepak "let this moment be a new revolution for humanity, no more violence against women. The empowerment of the goddess energy. A new civilization. Beauty, intuition, nurturing, affection, tenderness will rule the world. We love our mothers, our sisters, our spouses, our lovers and let this be a sacred moment and a revolution at the same time."

Rise Up words and music Cathy Grier

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