Shine The Light Times SQ

It might have rained October 2nd in Times Square, but the evening was charged with amazing energy.  New Yorkers rising up to acknowledge Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Manhattan Borough Pres. Scott Stringer was on hand to officiate with speakers Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, Eve Ensler, NYC NOW Pres Sonia Ossorio, and NY Assembly member Linda Rosenthal including Yolanda Jiminez commissioner of the Mayor's office to combat domestic violence.

I went to witness Times Square being illuminated in purple and thrilled to hear from Eve Ensler writer of Vagina Monologues and creator of VDay, who fired up the crowd despite the rain and a sudden blown PA, thankfully a megaphone was on hand. Beforehand I got a chance to speak with the fearless Sister Mary Nerney, founder and former director of STEPS to End Family Violence and Greenhope: Services for Women, Sabrina Mosquera, and Connie Marquez deputy director of STEPS, Helen of Korean Family Services, Steven Walerstein and Jack Raplee of Powers inc.  All of whom shared their inspirations with me and their commitment to ending violence.  These people are on the front lines of domestic violence and I want to honor them.

"We are blessed to be living in the safest city in America, but what good does it do if in fact we're not safe in our homes." Cyrus Vance Manhattan DA

STEPS director Connie Marquez stated with passion "we will be a violent free society."  

I love that. What can you do to help end Domestic Violence? Stand Up, reach out and refuse to accept a violent society. 

Rise Up Against Violence words and music Cathy Grier 

Jim Abbott Inspiration


While performing in Times Square against a backdrop of gorgeous colorful mosaics, who should walk by but Jim Abbott.  He's an amazing musical director, soulful, has great timing and the ability to put together a group that sounds as if they've been together for years. cohesive, emotional and well, musical.  He also works in a lot of Broadway shows. NYC would dim without him.

What inspires Jim? "artists you,.. people that do it for the love of it."