Trash Matters to WastEDNY Dan Barber

You might wonder why a subway performer is blogging about trash, but trash matters to me.  All kinds of trash like e-waste and packaging come to mind. How we consume and how we discard has always held my attention in ways ranging from being curious to being enraged. I also love food. I am constantly distressed by the amount we trash, especially in an Urban environment. It's unsustainable. Coming up with solutions grabs my attention.

Blue Hill Farm chef Dan Barber has created a pop-up restaurant within Blue Hill Restaurant in the Village for the next 2 weeks.  It is called WastEDNY and they will be creating food from scraps and what would normally be trashed. 

Food critic and author, Ruth Reichl calls WastEDNY "The most exciting culinary event of 2015." I agree because if a major chef like Dan Barber can make the gourmet food world stand up and pay attention to a system change, it would be amazing. 

The hold music at the restaurant in a lovely sense of humor, has the wonderful classic Sesame Street song by Oscar "I Love Trash" 

I had fun creating my own spoof adaptation from the song about WastEDNY. Take a listen:

Oh, we love trash!  Anything moldy or measly or musty

Anything cragged or rotten or crusty yes we love trash

There's carrots and beets and ends from a Kale

bones from a fish and some animal tail, Dan doesn't' care if the color is pale

He loves it because it's trash

Oh, we love trash! Anything moldy or measly or musty

Anything cragged or rotten or crusty yes we love trash

Katie will make us a lemony drink, from something we used to just pour down the sink

nothing will perish or eventually stink, we love it because it's trash 

Oh, we love trash! Anything moldy or measly or musty

Anything cragged or rotten or crusty, Yes we love trash

we'll make dinner from scraps that we usually wasted    

no need to compost it 'cause it's already plated, turn into the best meal that you ever tasted

we love it because it's trash

Cause  we love trash Yes, we love, we love, we love trash

Keep Farming Film Festival

My short film Honey Bee has been chosen to screen at the annual Chatham New York Keep Farming Film Festival on Sunday March 15. Here is the link to the schedule. 

IsNine films about farms, farming, and farmers will be presented at the Crandell Theatre and a “Meet Your Maker” reception at Peint O Gwrw will follow the screenings. This event is sponsored by the Chatham Film ClubChatham Agricultural Partnership, and Columbia Land Conservancy

Admission is free, but attendees are requested to bring a donation of a nonperishable food item for the Chatham Silent Food Pantry. Cash donations are also gladly accepted.

This exciting and unique film festival presents both local and global perspectives. These films were made by professional and amateur filmmakers, and the films are selected by a panel representing the sponsoring organizations.

Film title: Honey Bee
Filmmaker: Cathy Grier 
Running time: 3:57 min.
Synopsis: For 30 years, Coxsackie, NY residents and bee keepers Walter and Nonie Bauer have sold honey products in New York City’s Union Square farmers market. Cathy Grier stopped by to film Twin Spruce Apiaries’ last market day for her Inspiration Project. 
About the filmmaker: Cathy Grier calls her gritty film making style “lo-fi with a hi-human content.” She is also known as NYCSubwayGirl where she has been performing folk-blues in the NYC subways and stations since 1999. With the advent of small cameras and smart phones, Cathy began spontaneously filming people who stopped by her public space performances and asked a simple yet complex question, “What inspires you?” Her Inspiration Project web series has 100’s of short films and won best Documentary Web Series at the 2014 Chain Film Festival in Long Island City, NY.

#IWD 2015 celebrating Women's Achievements

Sunday March 8th is International Women's Day. 

"The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights" Gloria Steinem

In celebration of International Women's Day I honor the work of Rebecca Price and her wonderful HerStory podcast, a Chick History Project. Rebeca interviewed 50 women about the women who inspired them. I am excited to have written the theme song. "She Shall Not Be Forgotten"

Here is my 2012 Blog about HerStory in which I also was interviewed sharing a woman in history who inspired me poet Edna St. Vincent Millay


Maria Montessori

MLK Jr Peace, Love and so much more

I am filled with thoughts of a world that can exist in non-violence. Even though it feels like more and more we're living in a tinder box of conflicts, idealism and corporations dictating how our society should look like.

On this day celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr. I use this space to share my true belief that only love will conquer hate, and only light can bring us out of the dark.

Every day should be MLK Jr day.

check out this list of MLK recommendations from Democracy Now's Amy Goodman to honor Dr. King's legacy.

Winter has come to NYC, blues gig Sunday

I'm bummed I won't perform in subway today, but the idea of trudging my gear through slushy sidewalks to sing in Times SQ, keeps me home with the pups. I will practice 4 my gig Sunday. NY'ers it will be fun. In the new year I am happily returning to some of my Blues Roots. I hope to see you at the following clubs where I'll be gigging with my Strat and blues harp: If you're on Facebook here's the link to the event page and if you're not, here's the lowdown:

  • Sunday January 11th 7:30 pm 45min set: Eastside Cantina 1629 2nd Ave, btwn 84th and 85th st, New York, New York 10028 
  • CANCELLED apologies Sunday January 18th 8:15 pm 45min set: Eastside Cantina 1629 2nd Ave, New York, New York 10028
  • Tuesday February 10th 10pm 45 min set Tara Hill tavern 108th st and Broadway Blues Tuesday's

and I look forward to having some surprise guests to join me for a song or 2!

Video Busker Mashup 2014

A fantastic year of capturing buskers in New York City including having the camera turned toward me while I perform and spontaneously jam with others. Check it out and please share. What we do matters.

What inspires buskers? Music, People, Life, Hot Chocolate, Snow, Love Stories, People of New York!

some of the artists in clip:

Ray Blue, subway car dancers, Innove Gnawa, Melissa Elledge, Delta Dave Johnson, Zach Orion, Courtney Bassett, Mr. Reed, Moon Hooch, Robert Leslie, Burt Lee, Tom Swafford, Tim Higginbotham, Samantha Echo, Raices Group, Matt Vorzimer, Yacouba Diabate, Mecca Bodega, Geo Inti and The Moon, Maestro Moses Josiah, Leah Coloff, Remy Francois, Nadine Simmons, Arlethia, Shogo Kubo, Annette Taylor, Luellen Abdoo, Yaz Band, Samantha Echo, Glenn Roth, Gabriel Aldort, Maya Miele, Ebony Hillbillies, Jason Cordero, Juan Castillo, James Graseck, Suki Rae, Natalia Paruz The Saw Lady, Mike Groisman, Luke Ryan, Robert Anderson Jazz Band, Sean Grissom, Salieu Suso, Train'd singers, Scott Stenten, Poor Cousins, Tailz, Vincent Dennis, Frank Ames, Verbal Ase, Jason Ruan, Maalem Hassan Ben Jaafer, Henry Young, Mairi Mason, Michael Rorby, Omar-violinist, Steve Rubel, Israel Jules, Breakatronz, Alejandro Salvia, Matthew Christian, Courtney Bassett, Jovan Johnson eBONE Underground, Erik Robert Jacobson,  Sara Giraldo, Andy Friedberg, Elizabeth Watts, Will McCain, Niles Luther,  Sung Lee (Beatbox), The Family (Street Bucket Drummers)

instruments and performers represented: 
bagpipes, ukulele, flute, trumpet, trombone, tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax, cajon, didgerdoo, hammered dulcimer, saw, bucket drums, snare drum, electronic drums, violin, fiddle, accordion,electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 8 string guitar, double neck guitar, classical guitar, banjo, blues harmonica, harp, double bass, electric bass, kora, electric piano, washboard,cello, breakdancers, Chinese ErHu,


Last Chance for Year End Donations

There are a few hours left to contribute to your favorite organizations, cause or program. With online donations making it even quicker and easier to do so, I urge you to take a moment to contribute.

NYCSubwayGirl donates a portion of performance contributions to organizations who help to make this world a better place.  I call them The Champions I Support.  

Supporting with a gift of any amount goes a long way.

I hope you join me.

Happy Christmas Uke jam with Courtney #tbt

Last year I met Courtney Bassett in Columbus Circle and she sang a wonderful version of George Michaels classic Christmas song "Last Christmas"  I share it here with you today as a Throw Back Thursday #TBT.

What inspires Courtney?  Christmas spirit, family, her sister, getting together with other musicians and letting create juices flow.

Today I sing in Brooklyn at the Atlantic Ave LIRR station. I am hoping that Courtney surprises me again and we can have a fun jam!

See more inspirations from my Inspiration Project and Video Gallery.  I have 100's of clips featuring the amazing people I meet.

Live on ReW & WhO show today

**ReW & WhO?***

WeDNeSDaY DeC 17   a
Otto's Shrunken Head  4-6pm

click here to watch 'ReW and WhO?' Live LINK...
& SPREAD the Love 

KeNN RoWeLL is the WhO? 

4:30...MaTT TuRk

4:45...MiCk RoYaLe
 5:00...BRaD FiLiCKY

5:15....CaThY GRieR

5:30...Judy WaRReN

5:45...RaY GaLiNdo & friendz


'andy warhol 15 minutes of fame interviews'
'riZing starz & living legendz'
{ReW YoRk CiTy}
*ReW & WhO?* {BK eDiTion} FRi DeC 19
at the BraNDeD SaLooN 4-6
click here to watch 'ReW and WhO?' LiVe... & SPREAD...the Love 



Maya Miele benefit Inspired woman

I love my inspiration project and this one by guitarist Maya Miele who is gender transitioning is so beautiful in it's authenticity and passion.

What Inspires Maya besides Hendrix, gorgeous sunsets and anything that makes life beautiful? Her inner woman.

I am proud to be performing tonight at Cake Shop NYC to help Maya's medical costs as she transitions from male to female.

8 pm Cakeshop 152 Ludlow Street. New York, NY 10002 | 212-253-0036

Benefit for Maya Miele
proceeds will help offset the medical costs of Maya’s transition from male to female.
Performance by: Maya Miele and Cathy Grier
Music by The Qualia ( and Prima Primo (
with DJ Patrick A. Reed
$10, 21+, 8pm-12pm

See more inspirations from my Inspiration Project and Video Gallery.  I have 100's of clips featuring the amazing people I meet.

Giving Tuesday

Between Black Friday hijacking Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday pushing us to consume goods, the emphasis should be on giving. It's why I am getting on the bandwagon for #GivingTuesday.  We shouldn't need a day of the week to give, but it is true, it doesn't hurt to make an event out of giving to a cause or organization you believe in. If you are like me the year end comes pretty quick and organizations that depend on giving could use those funds now. The internet makes it quite simple (and safe) to go to your favorite website and give online.

NYCSubwayGirl donates a portion of performance contributions to organizations who help to make this world a better place.  I call them The Champions I Support.  Whether you give today on #GivingTuesday or not isn't the point, supporting with a gift of any size is.

I hope you join me.

#nycpoodles supporting #MadSqAppeal Madison Square Park Conservancy

#nycpoodles supporting #MadSqAppeal Madison Square Park Conservancy

World AIDS Day

In 1990 I recorded the song Fallen Friends in a New York City studio with my band. I wrote it for my cousin Peter VanderPutten who died of AIDS in 1989 in Key West Florida and for all the others who were disappearing before our very eyes. 

Today in 2014 AIDS is still a crisis in our world. 

I am offering my song as a free download, please share. I hope that the words and music I wrote long ago will remind us of the fragility of our world and that we can join together in strength and love.

click here for your FREE DOWNLOAD


                       Fallen Friends Words/Music-C. Grier Sesac Singerfish Publishing 

Where Have My Friends Gone

They Have All Fallen

Where Are My Many Fallen Friends

I Hope They Are Somewhere

 Where No Anger Resides And There's No Hate

Where No One Decides What's Wrong Or Right

Before Its Too Late 

 Where Have My Friends Gone

Last I Looked They Were Healthy And Funny

But Where Are My Many Fallen Friends

I Keep Looking Again


And They're Falling

My Falling, Falling Friends

My Falling, Falling Friends

Some Saw Denial

And There Lifestyles On Trial

Some Tried To Say

Why Has The Government Looked Far Away

Number Days Are All Gone

And What We Are Missing

By Not Taking A Stand

Are The Many Numbers Too Afraid To Lend A Hand

And There's Such A Demand

Lives That Are Cut Short

It Doesn't Make Sense

Why Can't We, Why Can't We Rise Up

And Help Find A Cure, Others Aren't Sure

And They're Falling Falling Lovers, Falling Men

Falling Women, My Falling Friends And They're Falling Children

Falling Lovers, Falling Men, Falling Women, My Falling Friends

Will The Falling Ever End

Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for Spontaneous Sharing in The Underground.

I am filled with joyful and warm memories from The Underground as we approach Thanksgiving through this wet and snowy day. Without fail, each time I venture out to one of my busking gigs, I meet someone who fills me with inspiration and happiness. Asking them "What Inspires You?" is often on the tail of a spontaneous and inspirational interaction that we have just shared. Such was the case with Rose, a traveler I spotted in LIRR station with a mandolin case. It turned out she was up for a little jam session and broke out her mandolin for me as a crowd formed around us. It's hard to be a part of the spontaneous action and film the action, but no matter the frame, the composition is all there. Check her out below in a playlist of similar moments. I am so very thankful for moments like these and I carry you all in my heart as we remember to be grateful on Thanksgiving. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

NYC Subway Girl

Gallery of clips co-edited by Ian James MacRae Jackson 

See more inspirations from my Inspiration Project and Video Gallery.  I have 100's of clips featuring the amazing people I meet.

Hunter Anthro Bash music video

One day when performing in Grand Central I met Jonathan Shannon assoc. professor of Anthropology at Hunter College. He invited me to perform for a fall Anthro Bash at the college.  I went and had an amazing time.  Here is my song 'Comin' Back To Me' filmed by student Anna Auguste.

Thanks Anna. It was wonderful performing and sharing my stories and songs of Love and Social Justice.

Veterans Day a pacifists support

Today we celebrate Veterans Day. I live near the parade route.  throughout the day besides lots of marching bands and bag pipes Veterans of all ages, race and gender will march.  I will be there to support those who chose to fight in war.  

I found the image below on the engaging website: Mic

This sculpture is a truly stunning tribute to America's veterans for Veterans Day.

The stone pillars in Anthem, Arizona, are calibrated to achieve maximum emotional and visual impact: The sun only highlights the Great Seal of the United States at 11:11 a.m. local time on Nov. 11.

By Matt Saccaro  On Veterans Day, you might be looking for something a bit more meaningful than just a $2 "support our troops" bumper sticker or lapel pin.

How about this series of stone pillars in Anthem, Arizona, that's calibrated to achieve maximum emotional and visual impact — the sun only highlights the Great Seal of the United States at 11:11 a.m. local time on Nov. 11 — on Veterans Day. For those who don't remember history class, that was the day the armistice bringing World War I to a close was signed.



Source: Imgur

A rear admiral by the name of Ron Tucker conceptualized the idea, and an artist named Renee Palmer-Jones brought it to life in 2012.

To add even more gravitas to the monument, the bricks contain the names of 750 American war veterans.


Here are some words from my last year's blog sums up my sentiments:

call me a dreamer

but I believe in peace

call me a contradicted peace activist because I can support a Veterans Day parade

and still believe that Peace is the only answer

2012 marked 11 years since America launched head first into Afghanistan

To have watched the parade with so many women vets, injured vets, all proud vets.

Vets from the Coast Guard, National Guard and all branches of what we could consider the usual branches of military.

Now we have drones and NSA spying to protect our freedoms, the unusual the norm. 

In an ongoing never to end war on terror, how can you stop a war on terror with Terror?

This is not the America I believe in. 

I grew up in the Vietnam generation, the Nuclear Age before the Age of Aquarius, learning to use song and activism to stand up against a government, against a ideal that I don't agree with or understand.  

Today I'll be standing along 5th avenue applauding those veterans of all races and gender. It's theirs to celebrate, their survival, their aliveness.

I will continue to hold from my beliefs. I will

Let the sunshine in. Let the sunshine in.

                                                             and a video I created:




Signal Strength a cool clip

This is a perfect example of Music and Art in public spaces. I love to share great things that occur anytime subway musicians are featured.  Here's a wonderfully executed video clip by film maker Chris Shimojima of subway performers stationed in nine different locations synced by wi-fi and conducted live in Bryant Park by composer LJOVA. Amazing.

Listen to the studio recording
composed and conducted by LJOVA
produced by ANITA ANTHONJ

I am happy to know many of these musicians.  We are so lucky to have such talent performing in the stations and public spaces of NYC.  

accordion ALBERT BEHAR
beatbox ADAM MATTA check out the clip I made of Adam for the Inspiration Project
theremin LLAMANO
trumpet JORDAN HIRSCH                                                                                                               viola ALLYSON CLARE