Video Busker Mashup 2014

A fantastic year of capturing buskers in New York City including having the camera turned toward me while I perform and spontaneously jam with others. Check it out and please share. What we do matters.

What inspires buskers? Music, People, Life, Hot Chocolate, Snow, Love Stories, People of New York!

some of the artists in clip:

Ray Blue, subway car dancers, Innove Gnawa, Melissa Elledge, Delta Dave Johnson, Zach Orion, Courtney Bassett, Mr. Reed, Moon Hooch, Robert Leslie, Burt Lee, Tom Swafford, Tim Higginbotham, Samantha Echo, Raices Group, Matt Vorzimer, Yacouba Diabate, Mecca Bodega, Geo Inti and The Moon, Maestro Moses Josiah, Leah Coloff, Remy Francois, Nadine Simmons, Arlethia, Shogo Kubo, Annette Taylor, Luellen Abdoo, Yaz Band, Samantha Echo, Glenn Roth, Gabriel Aldort, Maya Miele, Ebony Hillbillies, Jason Cordero, Juan Castillo, James Graseck, Suki Rae, Natalia Paruz The Saw Lady, Mike Groisman, Luke Ryan, Robert Anderson Jazz Band, Sean Grissom, Salieu Suso, Train'd singers, Scott Stenten, Poor Cousins, Tailz, Vincent Dennis, Frank Ames, Verbal Ase, Jason Ruan, Maalem Hassan Ben Jaafer, Henry Young, Mairi Mason, Michael Rorby, Omar-violinist, Steve Rubel, Israel Jules, Breakatronz, Alejandro Salvia, Matthew Christian, Courtney Bassett, Jovan Johnson eBONE Underground, Erik Robert Jacobson,  Sara Giraldo, Andy Friedberg, Elizabeth Watts, Will McCain, Niles Luther,  Sung Lee (Beatbox), The Family (Street Bucket Drummers)

instruments and performers represented: 
bagpipes, ukulele, flute, trumpet, trombone, tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax, cajon, didgerdoo, hammered dulcimer, saw, bucket drums, snare drum, electronic drums, violin, fiddle, accordion,electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 8 string guitar, double neck guitar, classical guitar, banjo, blues harmonica, harp, double bass, electric bass, kora, electric piano, washboard,cello, breakdancers, Chinese ErHu,