Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for Spontaneous Sharing in The Underground.

I am filled with joyful and warm memories from The Underground as we approach Thanksgiving through this wet and snowy day. Without fail, each time I venture out to one of my busking gigs, I meet someone who fills me with inspiration and happiness. Asking them "What Inspires You?" is often on the tail of a spontaneous and inspirational interaction that we have just shared. Such was the case with Rose, a traveler I spotted in LIRR station with a mandolin case. It turned out she was up for a little jam session and broke out her mandolin for me as a crowd formed around us. It's hard to be a part of the spontaneous action and film the action, but no matter the frame, the composition is all there. Check her out below in a playlist of similar moments. I am so very thankful for moments like these and I carry you all in my heart as we remember to be grateful on Thanksgiving. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

NYC Subway Girl

Gallery of clips co-edited by Ian James MacRae Jackson 

See more inspirations from my Inspiration Project and Video Gallery.  I have 100's of clips featuring the amazing people I meet.

Staten Island Duo Visit all 468 NYC Subway Stations for Music Video

These Machines, an indie-pop duo from Staten Island, spent six laborious months visiting all 468 subway stations for a music video. They planned diligently for the filming and were able to incorporate all the stations in sync with the video's track "Let Love Rule." The track gives a nod to NYC in it's upbeat chorus, "We got to shine bright, like the New York light." 

NY1 ran a story on the duo and their achievement, find that video here. 

And watch the official music video of "Let Love Rule" below. Keep an eye out for your station. It ends in St. George, the first stop in Staten Island.