MLK Jr Peace, Love and so much more

I am filled with thoughts of a world that can exist in non-violence. Even though it feels like more and more we're living in a tinder box of conflicts, idealism and corporations dictating how our society should look like.

On this day celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr. I use this space to share my true belief that only love will conquer hate, and only light can bring us out of the dark.

Every day should be MLK Jr day.

check out this list of MLK recommendations from Democracy Now's Amy Goodman to honor Dr. King's legacy.

Presidential inauguration on MLK day

It's an important day for our country.  The timing of Barack Obama being sworn in for his second Presidential term and the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. is very inspiring.

Today I think of a non-violent and peaceful society.  I will be singing from 3-6pm at Grand Central mezzanine just above the 4/5/6 platform and near the shuttle corridor. Dan Kleederman will join me on bass we'll be rehearsing our set for Sunday 27th appearance Habitat For Humanity gig in Hudson NY with Melissa Auf Der Maur, Melora Creager, Meshell Ndegeocello and Tommy Stinson. 

If you happen to be out and about come by and allow me to film you for my What's Your Inspiration? project, and how Dr. King's life has inspired yours.

Dr. King inspired me to have a conscious and seek out truth, to believe in peaceful protest, to understand that only with a voice can we be heard.  I learned that music is a powerful tool against ignorance and hate. that is what I will sing about today.

some words from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's last address April 3, 1968 at Riverside Church given the night before he was assassinated.

"....only when it was dark enough can you see the stars......non-violence or non-existence that is where we are today...we got to stay together and maintain unity...."

Fallen Friends

April 4th has had a huge significance in my life.

On April 4, 1965  Richard Grier, my father slipped into a coma, and lost his battle with cancer on April 25th in Middletown, CT age 33 

On April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King was gunned down in Memphis, TN age 39

and On April 4, 1989 Peter VanderPutten lost his fight with AIDS in Key West, FL at The Cypress House the guest house he owned.  I was by his side. Peter my cousin, my teacher age 48

I wrote a song called "Fallen Friends" for Peter and for all those lost to AIDS so many, so quickly in the 1980's. We haven't forgotten, now more than ever.

listen to an MP3 Fallen Friends 


Fallen Friends Words/Music-C. Grier Sesac Singerfish Publishing 

Where Have My Friends Gone

They Have All Fallen

Where Are My Many Fallen Friends


I Hope They Are Somewhere

Where No Anger Resides And There's No Hate

Where No One Decides What's Wrong Or Right

Before Its Too Late


Where Have My Friends Gone

Last I Looked They Were Healthy And Funny

But Where Are My Many Fallen Friends

I Keep Looking Again



And They're Falling

My Falling, Falling Friends

My Falling, Falling Friends


Some Saw Denial

And There Lifestyles On Trial

Some Tried To Say

Why Has The Government Looked Far Away

Number Days Are All Gone




And What We Are Missing

By Not Taking A Stand

Are The Many Numbers Too Afraid To Lend A Hand

And There's Such A Demand


Lives That Are Cut Short

It Doesn't Make Sense

Why Can't We, Why Can't We Rise Up

And Help Find A Cure, Others Aren't Sure

And They're Falling Falling Lovers, Falling Men

Falling Women, My Falling Friends And They're Falling Children

Falling Lovers, Falling Men, Falling Women, My Falling Friends

Will The Falling Ever End