World AIDS Day

In 1990 I recorded the song Fallen Friends in a New York City studio with my band. I wrote it for my cousin Peter VanderPutten who died of AIDS in 1989 in Key West Florida and for all the others who were disappearing before our very eyes. 

Today in 2014 AIDS is still a crisis in our world. 

I am offering my song as a free download, please share. I hope that the words and music I wrote long ago will remind us of the fragility of our world and that we can join together in strength and love.

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                       Fallen Friends Words/Music-C. Grier Sesac Singerfish Publishing 

Where Have My Friends Gone

They Have All Fallen

Where Are My Many Fallen Friends

I Hope They Are Somewhere

 Where No Anger Resides And There's No Hate

Where No One Decides What's Wrong Or Right

Before Its Too Late 

 Where Have My Friends Gone

Last I Looked They Were Healthy And Funny

But Where Are My Many Fallen Friends

I Keep Looking Again


And They're Falling

My Falling, Falling Friends

My Falling, Falling Friends

Some Saw Denial

And There Lifestyles On Trial

Some Tried To Say

Why Has The Government Looked Far Away

Number Days Are All Gone

And What We Are Missing

By Not Taking A Stand

Are The Many Numbers Too Afraid To Lend A Hand

And There's Such A Demand

Lives That Are Cut Short

It Doesn't Make Sense

Why Can't We, Why Can't We Rise Up

And Help Find A Cure, Others Aren't Sure

And They're Falling Falling Lovers, Falling Men

Falling Women, My Falling Friends And They're Falling Children

Falling Lovers, Falling Men, Falling Women, My Falling Friends

Will The Falling Ever End