Subway Trombone Jam with Jake Handelman

Just another example of the freedom and spontaneous jamming with another musician that I experience while performing in the subway.  I had previously met trombonist Jake Handelman at LIRR station and we had a fun jam.  Here we met again at 34th st and had fun with my song Good Thing.
What Inspires Jake? "People make the world go round, without other people you can't put anything together, you can't get any new ideas. You just need to keep livin…just put yourself out there."


Good Thing words + music Cathy Grier SESAC singerfish publishing

edited by Dan Kleederman

Jimmy + Lucille share inspirations in Grand Central

Jimmy works in Grand Central and Lucille, well she's a regular wanderer and happy spirit. We've chatted many times about her living in and out of homeless shelters.

We all found ourselves chatting at the same time. This is the beauty of performing in public spaces, you never know what the person standing right next to you has to say unless you ask a question

What inspires Jimmy? His new grandchild, and Lucille? my music reminds her of her childhood in the south...

music-Good Thing by C. Grier