Ikeem PoetrynMotionNYC re-inspired

I first met Ikeem of PoetrynMotionNYC, with his dancing buddy Shawn in Union Square on their way to their own busking gig.  2 months later our paths crossed again and he shared how he was inspired by my What's Your Inspiration?" project.  I asked him how so and his reply "makes me wanna do what I'm doing differently than just dancing, just makes me think more, think bigger"

You can see Ikeem and Shawn's original What's Your Inspiration? clip as part of a post Hurricane Sandy blog with inspiration clips of other people I met in Union Square on the same inspirational day.

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Jimmy + Lucille share inspirations in Grand Central

Jimmy works in Grand Central and Lucille, well she's a regular wanderer and happy spirit. We've chatted many times about her living in and out of homeless shelters.

We all found ourselves chatting at the same time. This is the beauty of performing in public spaces, you never know what the person standing right next to you has to say unless you ask a question

What inspires Jimmy? His new grandchild, and Lucille? my music reminds her of her childhood in the south...

music-Good Thing by C. Grier


Sister Monk - Live For This Moment

I came upon Kathy Deane and Jody Rubel from the group Sister Monk performing in Grand Central. They enjoy performing with the Music Under New York program when they aren't touring around.

What inspires Kathy?  "people like you, other talented musicians, amazing women drummers"

Mecca Bodega Hudson Winter Walk 2011

I was performing in Hudson NY at an annual event called Winter Walk. I was happily surprised to find Paul and Marc Mueller of Mecca Bodega, my Music Under New York buddies, a wonderful duo of hammer dulcimer and percussion performing on a sidewalk to dancing children and enthralled listeners. 

Small world, Hudson is a special town and for a moment between the festively decorated main street USA, known as Warren Street and happy togetherness, there was a glimmer of what we are all capable of. 

You can't help but appreciate as you can see in this clip, that Paul and Marc had to deal with the elements, it was cold + dark, but they were rewarded with enthusiastic people on a fun night.

What inspires Paul "People who love what they do…..it's a one shot deal, do it now."