Tips, come what may

I love performing in the subway, if I didn't put a bag down, people invariably try and give me money while I'm still playing, my hands, my mouth too busy. And it feels strange to stop in the middle of a song just to take money from someone.  So I put a bag down.  Some tips have prompted me to take a picture.  Today I got a chocolate bar and someone seeing me take a picture of my tip bag asked why (they thought it was a clever way of counting), and so I said that I had a funny sense of humor and like to document these extra ordinary tips-that make a whole lot of sense, even the fake cigarette from a middle schooler in Brooklyn who thought he was faking me out.  My favorite which I didn't document on film, was a guy who on a cold winter day in Times SQ gave me not one, but two cans of Ensure.  I've some funny coins that I keep in my bag as good luck.

Other tips come in ways of advice from others who think they have the golden way for to make even


this tip, I currently hang on my mic stand

chocolate bar tip.jpg
orange tip.jpg
chip tip.jpg