Abramson & Meyer Idols Beatles Night

Hey gang!

Hope everyone watched last night’s Beatles-fest. It was one of the better shows we thought – but still not super exciting either.  Apparently to be cool on Idol, you find the most random instrument to join you on your song.  Can you say didgeridoo or bagpipe anyone?!?


And we loved the “oh, it was just a coincidence that my hair is a Beatles style…” Sure it is Tim.

We did get a submission from one of our leaders from last week  - Sadie Abramson!

“The top 9 are as normal as apple pie with no secret ingredient thrown in to make them stand out or make you want to take another piece.  Thank goodness for the didgeridoo and bagpipe players.  If they had been on this year’s ballot I would have voted for them to win.  I still stand by my #1 pick Casey James because the only people voting are the female tweeners who are as superficial as America can get and will simply vote on who is the cutest.  That said, Lee could be a dark horse.  The bagpipe was genius and made Lee look totally awesome – plus I don’t think Lee was high last night and he sang his face off.  Originally I had picked Katie to go home tonight, but somehow she was body-swapped with someone who could actually sing last night.  So I think Andrew is going home.  Whatever happens on tonight’s elimination I truly hope that Paul McCartney does not embarrass himself further with another public service announcement that includes a brief nose picking – did anyone else catch his nose swipe?  I mean, couldn’t they have done another take?  Oh Paul. That was so 2-years-old of you, and you really don’t need my demographic at this point.”

Let’s see who goes home tonight and which one of you is that much closer to winning the Idol pool!

Abramson & Meyer – OUT!