The Judges Save has been used! Abramson & Meyer

I've been enjoying the postings from Abramson & Meyer, they speak where I dare not go.....

Hello Idolers!

WOW!  Idol is bringing the excitement back (well, they are trying really hard anyway!)!  And not just because David Archuleta almost hyperventilated (once again) because he didn’t have his inhaler on hand.  The JUDGES SAVE HAS BEEN USED to keep Big Mike in the competition!!  In case you missed the dozen times Ryan Seacrest has smugly explained this, here’s the deal: the judges get to use ONE save to over-ride America’s vote BEFORE the competition is narrowed to the Top 5.  Technically, Michael Lynche was voted off last night by America, but the judges decided to save him!  In other words, there was no elimination last night.  And that means the competition in our pool rages on!  It also means there is no chance that any other Idol contestant can be saved by the judges this season.  You better start voting to make sure your favorite isn’t eliminated!

Before we bring you our precious moments recap, we turn to this week’s guest correspondent, Margie McGlone (perfect scorecard intact!), for her thoughts on last night’s show:

I have to say - that opening medley sounded like a subpar cheesy church choir! What was that about? It was so weak. I thought Lennon/McCarthy were Rockers!! The top 9 sounded straight out of Adult Contemporary. Weeeeeak!

How about that strobe effect during Jason Narulo's (sp??) performance?!? That's hawt dawg!!

Was that a Ryobi wheel grinder that chick was engraving in her abdomen of steel?!? What? Great message for the kids - go grab your own Ryobi and you too can mutilate your own belly!

Great use of the save. I love Big Mike!!

Tune in to next week’s Idol to see ADAM LAMBERT as the guest mentor!!  YES!!!!!  Now THAT will be some good entertainment.

Meyer & Abramson – OUT!