Occupy Wall Street. Three Years Later.

It's hard to believe that it was already three years ago when the counter-culture magazine Adbusters sent out a call to action to Occupy Wall Street. Dozens of people gathered on September 17, 2011 to protest the Wall Street bailouts being granted by our government. After being forced off of Wall Street that night, protesters occupied the nearby public space of Zuccotti Park, and renamed it Freedom Park.

World Revolution Day is September 17. What Will You Do?

World Revolution Day is September 17. What Will You Do?

Dozens grew to hundreds and then to thousands. Protestors from all classes made their way to the park in hopes for a revolution. Three years later, the park is unoccupied by revolutionaries, however, the work started there is still being done. 

In 2011, Occupy Wall Street received thousands of dollars of donations. Since then, some of that money has been used to bailout everyday Americans who have debt that has gone to collection agencies. Find out more about Strike Debt! and Rolling Jubilee's work here. 

I visited Freedom Park regularly during OWS and captured some very moving clips. I wanted to share this video from day 25 of the occupation three years ago.

Adbusters has issued another call to action and September 17 is now known as "World Revolution Day," and asks the simple question, "What will you do?"

Zuccotti Park, three years later. September 2014. 

Zuccotti Park, three years later. September 2014. 

Cathy Grier aka NYCSubwayGirl sings

The best way to show why I perform in the subway and in public spaces, is to share some of my experiences.

I am usually the one performing and filming so I don't get a chance to show you what I do.  These clips were taken in various locations around NYC above and below in public spaces. With some surprise spontaneous guest performers.

Performing songs Question Of Desire, Dedicate, Cool Trick, Comin' Back To Me, What Fools Do- words and music Cathy Grier Singerfish publishing SESAC with Amazing Grace-traditional, Love Is In Need Of Love Today-Stevie Wonder

Cultural Occupation Of Liberty Square

The Occupy Wall Street movement is far from a footnote in our history. Zuccotti Park, the birthplace of the Occupy Movement renamed Liberty Park, might not allow tents and cots, but a cultural movement is taking place to keep the spirit alive. Listen to the latest NPR story about the Park. I am exited to have been invited to perform at the Park. My first performance will be March 8th, for me a wonderful date too as it is International Women's Day. (is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.)
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