Oh Honey Honey! Twin Spruce Retires from the Honey Biz.

After 30 years of supplying NYC with honey at the Union Square Farmer's Market, Twin Spruce Apiaries says farewell. While 30 years is a long time, they admit, it's more than time that has them throwing in the towel. They say their supply of honey doesn't meet the demand of NYC markets and GMO products have driven them out, but they retain a positive outlook on their retirement. Watch below! It's been a year since they left the market, and they are truly missed. 

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Make Music NY Saturday. Live Music Everywhere

Make Music New York:  1000+ Concerts. One Day. Five Boroughs. Above + Below Ground.


Today's blog is what I'll call the unofficial Music Under New York - Make Music New York listing, because at Music Under New York, we celebrate live and free music (price of a subway fare) 365 days out of the year. I love the idea of one crazy day with so much free live music, that I also wanted to share where to find the Music Under New York musicians on this special day

On June 21, 1989 I flew from NYC to Paris, France. When I landed, I found myself in the midst of an uproarious yet melodic commotion that I'd never known. It was the "Fete de la musique,"  an outdoor festival of music held on the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. I am happy to be a part of the festivities this year on this side of the world. 

New York City is always full of music, life and song, to imagine it more magical is nearly impossible. However, for the past eight years, Make Music New York has taken our magical chaos to whole new level. 

This Saturday, June 21, Make Music New York returns to celebrate the beginning of summer with over 1000 concerts and music performances throughout the five boroughs. Public parks, sidewalks, venues, block parties and music schools, are just some examples of where you will stumble into a magical musical experience. And as always, the underground will be bustling with music. 


For the above-ground schedule check out Make Music New York's website.

For underground schedule, Here's the list of Music Under New York performances this Saturday! Please pass along to your friends.

                                        click on above image for a larger format

I'll be using #MMNYBuskers to share spontaneous performances from the underground throughout the day.

Here are a couple of busker friends with above-ground gigs on Saturday!

SisterMonk performs @ 6:15 PM at the East River Park Bandshell-Music all day, (SisterMonk a Music Under NY member, will perform at three different venues during the festival in Brooklyn and Manhattan) Here's a clip I recorded of them in the underground at Grand Central Station Mezzanine.

Mariachi Flor de Toloache, the all female mariachi band, will perform at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza- 346 E. 47th St at 1pm. Below is a clip I made of their Music Under New York audition. 

And here's a little something for aspiring musicians and future buskers!

    •    Free Guitar Lessons at some NYPL branches. Guitars for lessons provided. Sponsored by GAMA and Little Kids Rock (sponsored by Yamaha and Godin

Summer Solstice- MUSIC Underground June 21

Times Square/42 Street/Upper Mezzanine

  • 12-3__Grupo Wayno, S. American music
  • 3-6___ El Vaté, Andean pipes
  • 6-10__ Eric Paulin & the Meetles, jazz & tribute band

Times Square/41 Street/ Mosaics

  • 8am-12__Susan Keser, classical/pop violin
  • 12-3____Mecca Bodega, world music
  • 3-6_____ Tony Pots & Pans, percussion

42 Street/ 8 Avenue

  • 12-4__Nadine Simmons, Gospel, pop singer
  • 4-7___Raices Group, Inca music

34 Street/6 Avenue

14 Street/ Union Square

Columbus Circle/60 Street

Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street (Barclays Ctr)

  • 12-4__Maetro Moses Josiah, saw player
  • 4-7__Delta Dave, blues guitar & singer

LIRR # 2 (next to McDonalds)

  • 12-3__Acapella Soul, doo wop vocals
  • 3-6__Rober Anderson Jazz Band
  • 6-9__Lawrence Rush & Underground Harmony
  • 9pm-12am__”The Sugar Bear” Kahn Hightower R&B, soul singer

LIRR # 3 (8th Avenue)

  • 12-3__Sammie C. Davis “Mr Melody”, pop, soul singer

Whitehall Ferry Terminal

Grand Central Terminal/Lower Level

  • 10am-1__Maya Miele, solo guitar

Grand Central Terminal/Graybar


Music is such an important part of all of our lives whether we realize it or not. I hope you get out and enjoy all that Make Music - Fete De La Musique has to offer where ever you live. 

Diva's Underground Weds March 26th Union SQ

Yes that's right, Diva's Underground.  Every March the Music Under New York program brings together the women of MUNY to perform throughout the day in Union Square station.

From 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Here are some clips that I have made over the years of the women of Music Under NY:

DIVAS UNDERGROUND Wednesday, March 26, 2014

08:00 - 12:00    Leah Coloff         
12:00 - 12:45    Cathy Grier             

12:45 -  1:30    Samantha Echo     

 1:30 -  2:15    Nadine Simmons    

 2:15 -  3:00    Martina Bruno        

 3:00 -  3:45    Petula Beckles       

 3:45 -  4:30    Arlethia                   

 4:30 -  5:15    Marcella Louise Adame     

 5:15 -  6:00    Heidi Kole              

 6:00 -  6:45    Wendy Sayvetz      

 6:45 -  7:30    EVEONVOX            

 7:30 - 10:00  SisterMonk             

The Back Of The Busk webseries

Back Story to the clip: Last October, Mithun Bhat and Nick Capezzera saw me performing in Grand Central and filmed my performance for their up and coming web series, "The Back Of The Busk." In turn I filmed them for my Inspiration Project. The next day, Mithun and crew traveled to Union Square to interview me for their episode.

It's fun to see how my episode turned out. In it I sing my songs: What Fools Do, Good Thing, Through My Eyes, and Comin' Back To Me.

Check out inspirations from Mithun, Michael, Nick, and Hardy the rest of the film crew, and to help in better context, one from Music Under NY musician Delpin Tardio whom I mentioned in the Back Of The Busk interview.

Cathy Grier aka NYCSubwayGirl sings

The best way to show why I perform in the subway and in public spaces, is to share some of my experiences.

I am usually the one performing and filming so I don't get a chance to show you what I do.  These clips were taken in various locations around NYC above and below in public spaces. With some surprise spontaneous guest performers.

Performing songs Question Of Desire, Dedicate, Cool Trick, Comin' Back To Me, What Fools Do- words and music Cathy Grier Singerfish publishing SESAC with Amazing Grace-traditional, Love Is In Need Of Love Today-Stevie Wonder

Divas Underground

NYC Subway Girl Cathy Grier, at Divas Underground - March 25, 2010 - Union Square.

With fellow divas Heidi Kole, Nicola, Arlethia, Samantha Margulies, Neffe Kragh-Muller, Martina Bruno, Alice Tan Ridley, Wendy Sayvetz, Left On Red, and Manze Dayila.  Images by Tim Higginbotham and clip by NYCSubwayGirl.

'Question of Desire' and 'Good Thing': words/music C. Grier Singerfish Publishing SESAC