10 years ago

10 years ago today we went to war in Iraq.  Under false pretenses, under fear of weapons of mass destruction, since proven never existed as a threat.  I was against it all, still am.  I wrote, I sang, I joined New Yorkers Say NO To War.  I marched.

Today even through my cynical and sad eyes, I can still honor all the fallen, all the victims on all sides, all the heros. men, women, the National Guard members who were swept up into the non-debate of a non-draft country and government which remembered what happened when it's citizens rose up against another misbegotten war in Vietnam. I saw through the slick, tricky, slippery slope creation of "Military Contractors" who were making more money in 1 year than countless US soldiers combined.  And the corporations who really are the  financial "winners" in this human tragedy never could be won war.

I still believe our US entitlement throughout the world is hurting us all.  I continue to support efforts of diplomacy in the name of peace.  You may say I'm a dreamer, but without dreams what's life for?

Here's a song for today.  My song "Dedicate"

10 years ago today peace was still an option, download free Dedicate,  I dedicate my life to peace. Can you dedicate? 


Presidential inauguration on MLK day

It's an important day for our country.  The timing of Barack Obama being sworn in for his second Presidential term and the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. is very inspiring.

Today I think of a non-violent and peaceful society.  I will be singing from 3-6pm at Grand Central mezzanine just above the 4/5/6 platform and near the shuttle corridor. Dan Kleederman will join me on bass we'll be rehearsing our set for Sunday 27th appearance Habitat For Humanity gig in Hudson NY with Melissa Auf Der Maur, Melora Creager, Meshell Ndegeocello and Tommy Stinson. 

If you happen to be out and about come by and allow me to film you for my What's Your Inspiration? project, and how Dr. King's life has inspired yours.

Dr. King inspired me to have a conscious and seek out truth, to believe in peaceful protest, to understand that only with a voice can we be heard.  I learned that music is a powerful tool against ignorance and hate. that is what I will sing about today.

some words from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's last address April 3, 1968 at Riverside Church given the night before he was assassinated.

"....only when it was dark enough can you see the stars......non-violence or non-existence that is where we are today...we got to stay together and maintain unity...."

Happy New Year

Numerically speaking we start 2013 with a clean slate and so the New Year should be Happy. Ever mindful that we ended 2012 on such a low note of tragedy with societal angst and finger pointing, I can only hope the next 12 months will bring us more peace and love into the world. Whether it is standing up and speaking out against rape, gun violence, environmental abuse, or any other action that hurts others, I will be there to do my share. And I hope you will too. If there is anything close to being called a resolution, I guess this is it. But also remember to champion and seek out the good stuff too. The endless news cycles of horrors shouldn't obscure the cool stuff, the fun and inspirational experiences that do occur every day somewhere in the world.

In reflecting on my personal and professional 2012, I am thankful I stayed healthy and in good voice. Singing in public spaces to a non-paying audience (although technically a metro swipe is payment of sorts, and I do accept contributions) over hours, continues to develop my performing skills in ways unimaginable. 

In 2012 from Joe's Pub to the Hudson Opera House, Club Helsinki to Celebrate Brooklyn!, I ventured onto those stages with high tech sound and lights, I could sense how my public performance experiences taught me a comfort within myself and my art. To in a way, not take myself so seriously. I chose to consider less my impact on the audience as I was performing and stayed more in the moment helping to bring out why I love to sing and play guitar in the first place.  

In 2012 I became more of a filmmaker, spending hours editing clips for my website and ever developing "Inspiration Project" where I film people I meet mostly during my Music Under New York performances, and ask "What's Your Inspiration?"  I currently have more than 200 videos on my site and youtube channel  I also wrote theme songs to web series "Subway The Series" and "HerStory," not to mention writing a song for Eve Ensler's new movement "One Billion Rising" set for February 14, 2013.

In 2013, my wish is to perform more "above ground," sharing the stories of NYCSubwayGirl from concert stages to House concerts. And to continue to create short films, the wonderful exposés of the inspirational people I meet underground. I look forward to creating and producing my first full length recording in over 10 years. And I hope to find a "team" to help me realize my dreams and goals.  I know I can't do this on my own.   

I start the New Year with a wonderful guest appearance in Hudson, NY January 27th at Club Helsinki to benefit Habitat For Humanity with musicians Melissa Auf Der Maur, Melora Creager, Meshell Ndegeocello and Tommy Stinson. Also, in keeping with my 2013 wish to work with others, Dan Kleederman (another Music Under New York artist) will be joining me on the bass. 

I return to Music Under New York performances as the weather allows.

I'd love to hear from you and would appreciate any thoughts you might have on how to help me achieve my goals. I wish you the best in seeking and achieving yours.

Happy prosperous New Year,



Here's the short film I created in 2012 which was shown at FilmColumbia Festival this past October as the opener to Dustin Hoffman's film "Quartet" about aging retired Opera performers.

easy ease-in at Grand Central

My return to subway gigs after a long summer break couldn't have been better. I performed in the Graybar corridor at Grand Central Station (it feeds into the main hall) and has a great people watching vantage point.With amazing warm acoustics naturally created by great architecture, I sang with ease and enjoyed what only time off can provide, the ability to hear myself with fresh ears and ideas. I noticed many people taking an "audio" tour of the station. There's a funny juxtaposition of tourists casually looking up at whatever is being pointed out from a voice in their headphones and the racing commuters who always seem to cut their next train close to within seconds.It's truly a dance, albeit clumsy at best.
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International day of Peace September 21st

today we celebrate the International Day Of Peace.  I believe we can commit ourselves to ending war, encouraging resolution of conflicts through non-violent action, and teaching our children to see the world with different eyes than the ones we've been using.  Reminders are essential for a thoughtful, more right action and humane world.

Do your part.  Even if for a moment some time today reflect on a more peaceful world. Talk about it, with your friends and family and especially with someone younger.  See what they have to say/think.  Asking questions of ourselves we can be mightily surprised with the answers we hear.

UN flags UN.jpg

FYI, the United Nations is in session this week, passing in front of the building with all the flags flying (let us know the world is in town) gives me hope that the challenges we face today can be presented, discussed and diplomatically and peacefully resolved.

picture from UN Website

Links to UN website about Disarmament Education and a global teaching and learning project which has a curriculum ranging from Peace Education to Racial Discrimination, are worthwhile reading for any age.

December 8th John Lennon

John Lennon remembrance December 8th I will always remember where I was on this day. The shot heard around the earth. Where were you? John Lennon assassinated. My Kennedy? You bet. John Lennon as the leader of my musical generation visualized peace; wrote ‘Imagine’, gave us a chance to see the world as something we could change and make a better place for everyone. A non-violent man lost to violence. I still need to dream and

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