New Guinness World Record set for NYC Subway

In 2012, I met Adham Fisher in Union Square as he attempted to break the world record for fastest time traveling through New York City's subway system. Unfortunately, in 2012, he was unable to beat the last recorded world record, and he continued on his journey in other cities, including Toronto, Boston, and Chicago. 

In 2013, Adham and a few friends mapped out a superior route, including the Staten Island Rail, and finally set a new world record with the help of the navigation app Kickmap. 

Last week the  Guinness Book of World Records announced the news.

The fastest time to travel the entire New York City Subway is 22 hr 26 min 02 sec and was achieved by Andi James, Steve Wilson, Peter Smyth, Martin Hazel, Glen Bryant and Adham Fisher (all UK) between 18 and 19 November 2013.

When I met Adham I asked him my favorite question with a twist, "What inspires you to break this world record?" Check out his answer below and congratulations Adham!