NYC Buskers: A Video Gallery

I have been performing in the New York City Subway for years and in doing so, I have become a member of an amazing and talented community of performers and musicians. We are scattered out on platforms and stations and spidering throughout the city.  

The heart of this community pulses through the transit system, streets and parks.  I am drawn in as much as any passerby when I hear an instrument or see a crowd forming, but I join the viewers with a deep sense of pride. 

I love this community I have become a part of and I want to share their spontaneous and moving performances with the world. I have compiled many clips of buskers throughout my years and have compiled a Busker Video Gallery on my website. 

Each week I put up a new "Featured Artist," and continue to add to the gallery of my community. 

This week's Featured Video is doo-wop group The Chosen Voices performing "Twisting the Night Away."  On the day I filmed this, they were getting off one car and about to jump on the next when they saw me and shouted out "Hey SubwayGirl!" I called for them to come over and sing for me and they did.  These are the spontaneous moments that are so precious to me.


Fellow buskers should feel empowered to share my videos on their pages and with their fans; or you can send me videos and I will add them to the gallery. 

I have also compiled a list of buskers and their websites. If you find a mistake or you are a busker looking to be added to the list, please email me.

For those interested in busking in New York City, I have extensive information about rules and regulations of MTA, NYC, and information about the Music Under New York program here.

The 2014 Music Under New York new artists have offically been announced. Find them here. Great job to all those who auditioned.