New Website great date 13.12.11

December 11, 2013 = 13.12.11  I love numbers and this one is cool.

I've been working on this new design for many months now.  If you knew the old site, I hope you like this one.  The newest feature is that I have put all my postings in one blog instead of separate ones.  So now you'll find all the following under Blog and in their own categories:

Music Under New York - stories from the underground relating to the MUNY scene, Guest Blogger- sharing great stories from friends and others whom I have found and want to share, Sustainability - where I share and write about how to live a life more sustainably, and most importantly The Inspiration Project - posting videos from commuters and others whom I have met and filmed sharing what inspires them.

You can join my RSS feed (link is above) and always know when I upload a new post. And a separate RSS for the Inspiration Project. Don't know the best RSS app to upload, here's more info. I use Feedly (it's free). Don't know what RSS is? It's a siple way to be notified whenever I post a new story or video. Here's a good link to find out more about RSS.

I am still working on adding other features, a podcast, more music, picture and video gallery, so stay tuned.

If you have any comments, please leave them here. Or you can contact me here.

I hope you keep coming back and checking out my site.

13.12.11 a nice way to start