Live radio Interview SUNY campus

Today I'm heading out to SUNY campus on LI for a live radio interview I met the host Michael Mand of the show called St. James Infirmary (after the song written by Joe Primrose (Irving Mills). It can be accessed live (1:00 PM to 4:00 PM)- we will be going live - on the web by typing OWWR in the browser and following the link through Tune-in Radio. It can also be accessed on Tune-in Radio directly - keyword: OWWR. It will be re- webbed at 1:00 AM - 4:00 AM Saturday morning for all the night birds. Michael will be posting the show sometime before Saturday morning 8:30 AM on his podcast site

I met Michael one day while I was singing at the LIRR station at Atlantic Blvd. We've been trying for months to pick a date where I could get out to his show. I hope you can tune in while it's live, I'll be bringing my 1974 Guild (my first grownup guitar that I got in….74) to play.  Will be fun.  

My '74 Guild.  Image by  Lilian Haidar  taken at Joe's Pub

My '74 Guild.  Image by Lilian Haidar taken at Joe's Pub