South Ferry subway art under water

Concerned about the fate of the Arts For Transit installation in South Ferry by artists Mike and Doug Starn, I emailed them about their South Ferry Artwork now underwater. I had the pleasure of performing in the station the day the artwork installation was unveiled in 2010. Mike replied. Take special note of Mike's comment about the changing island:

We are in Rome now and have not seen the devastation in lower Manhattan in person, but we think that there will not be any permanent damage. the glass is solid 1.5" thick and the stainless steel fence will be fine. The only thing that could remain as evidence is the possibility of  a stain on the marble mosaics.

the map piece we did is all about the changing island- the same island drawn in 1640 and we over laid with the contemporary map--- climate change will also have its affect on the island, and we think seeing some of that evidence would be a good thing. you can see the water height in this picture.


on a brighter note, we liked the Colbert Report moments….

Hurricane Sandy devastates 60 million Americans and seven subway tunnels, which means it could be weeks before they're able to restore the scent of urine down there. (04:51)

and the next day with Vince and Shamwow