America Voted

Congratulations America, my hope is that after the celebration dies down, we all become more of a part of how to make our Country better.  This election for me was personal about women, equality in marriage, and immigration rights.  This election proved we are no longer a white man's majority.  When diversity rules the day, then we are growing, only then will we create a better future.  I am deeply optimistic.

Now that the election is over, here in our area we are still dealing with the aftermath of Storm Sandy. My sister and so many others are still without power in New Jersey and outer lying areas. And a new storm is on it's way. So many have found their homes, neighborhoods devastated by Sandy and remember this was a category 1 hurricane, what would have happened if it was stronger?

Continued thoughts to those still unable to use easy mass transit.

NYC commuter transit info from MTA


I'm looking forward to a full subway gig week next week.  Here's my schedule