CBS Sunday Morning 11/15/09

September 24th I was performing in Times Square when CBS producer Mary Hood came by and asked if I would allow myself to be filmed for a segment about the phone app Shazam (it identifies tunes). CBS correspondent Daniel Sieberg and Nick Thompson of Wired Magazine tried to stump the app by asking me to perform a popular song.  A fun crowd gathered as I kept trying various songs like Me And Bobby McGee, and Piece Of My Heart, but the app stayed mute. So I then tried to sing exactly like I did on What Fools's Do, a song of mine found on itunes, but again, nothing.  Finally, as a last resort they asked me to sing Let It Be, but again no luck.... that's how we basically figured out that the app works by matching the digital fingerprint with an actual recording.  So here's to the next app that can identify a song by Cathy Grier nycsubwaygirl street performer....

 It was fun having them stop by.  (I come on the segment about 3 minutes in).

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