Fiveoutsiders, a blog- "NYC misfits with know opinion"

I was blogged about on fiveoutsiders blog under the section Jessica's Street Performer Series.  I love the byline “NYC misfits with know opinion”.

I met Jessica at Times Square Mosaics the day of the Yankees ticker tape parade when it seemed like the only people stopping by were Yankees fans.  The energy was actually infectious, as everyone (almost) was in such a great mood.  Jessica asked if she could film/interview me for her blog Five Outsiders.  It was fun. Here's her clip, check out the blog to see what she wrote:

fiveoutsiders Jessica's Street Performer Series on nycsubwaygirl

Thanks for stopping by Jessica! 


on 2009-11-19 16:54 by NYC Subway Girl

forgot to add this pic of Jessica and Deena (she covers art) they've added me to their NY sites we love

Jessica and Deena