Courtney Bassett inspired subway jam

While playing in Union Square I met Courtney who stopped to listen.  What inspires Courtney?  "People, nature, strong women."  Ely from Israel was also listening and joined in. He took the camera to film us singing Imagine.  Ely wasn't sure what Inspiration meant. I pointed to his heart and said "what's in here."  His response?  "Peace, love and music." This is a wonderful example of the people I meet who by chance slow down and listen or just join in. 

What's your inspiration?

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Joe Tucker Cajon player

As I was performing in 34th st a guy walked by carrying a Cajon (a wooden box played as a drum) and I asked if he would like to jam. To my excitement he did stop. His name is Joe Tucker a classical percussionist and I was happy to see he was uninhibited to join in and jam in the subway.  I asked Joe my favorite question What inspires you? His response "my parents....and that indescribable part of music"  Joe plays in the group InnoVox Music 

Jungle words and music by Cathy Grier

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