Richard Green Inspiration

Richard stopped by my Columbus Circle gig while he was in town for work. It was a nice surprise. He and I are in a Blues Band in Columbia County, NY (about 2 hours North of NYC), we perform mostly for non-profit organization fund raisers.  Richard is an amazing guitarist and great spirit. We have a lot of fun making people dance.

What inspires Richard?  "Using music as a tool for community."

What's Your Inspiration?

Richard filmed me singing my song Question Of Desire, here's the clip

What's Your Inspiration? Animals

I created this clip for a concert to benefit Art For Animals in the same vein as my What's Your Inspiration? clips I make of the people I meet in the subway. I traveled around Columbia County and asked people "What Inspires you about animals?"

the film was a 2010 entry ath the Chatham FarmFilmFest

And a newer version with added end credits and additional footage of my pups