Inspired New Museum curator Massimiliano Gioni

I met Massimiliano the curator for the New Museum during the set-up day of a new exhibition entitled "The Neighbors" by artist Pawel Althamer, which will also include street performers. 

What inspires Massimiliano?  "Nudity" he says with a laugh looking around the room at Pawel's sculptures most of them nudes. Then on a more serious note he responded "Weirdness."  What caught me off guard was he then asked "what about you?" Being the first time anyone ever asked me, I kept filming and I quickly answered, "spontaneity and free flow of people, thoughts and ideas."  I am really inspired to be a part of this amazing exhibition in collaboration with Pawel. Massimiliano added a quote, "Can I restore my innocence?" I say "Do you want to?" to which he replied, "Guess that's what we do." Perfect!

The exhibition is Feb 12- April 20th. And certainly not to be missed.  I have yet to hear of another endeavor as complex and encompassing as this while also using street performers. The live music will be piped up into the 3rd floor exhibition room. I will be performing on specific dates (here's my schedule). On the 2nd floor will be open to the public to come and create the art installation. There will be every kind of creative tool and materials to use. It will grow daily and will be interesting to see how a public installation will turn out by the end of the exhibition on April 20th. 

On the 2nd floor Pawel with a group of collaborators will be creating new works. And he will collaborate with next door neighbors The Bowery Mission which will include a collaborated film with tenants and a coat drive. Wow.

watch what inspires Pawel Althamer

my performance schedule at New Museum

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