Verbal Ase beatboxing busker

How does Verbal Ase do that?  All the sounds coming from him are natural, or unnatural as it might appear.  Amazing he can do that through his nose! He calls it beatboxing from outer space.

I met Verbal Ase = Adam Steven Evans at his gig in Grand Central and asked him how he stays warm on cold days.  I was surprised to get my own Verbal Ase shout out.  Who can say they've had someone compliment them by beatboxing through the nose!

Petula Beckles MUNY artist

I walked past Petula as she was singing "I Want To Thank You" to the commuters passing by........ I had the chance to be on the judging panel when she auditioned last year and so happy to see that she is now on the MUNY roster!

Her voice so inspirational to me.

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