Subway Inspirations Performing Arts HS seniors

Performing at Grand Central Shuttle, a film crew from Hong Kong and Taiwan stopped by.  Janis a wonderful singer from Taiwan asked if she could sing Crazy by Gnarls Barkley with me.  Of course I was happy to oblige.  

Meanwhile a group of seniors from the Performing Arts High School stopped by and the rest is a perfect example of what can happen when you allow spontaneity in the subway with a microphone and some really talented and fearless kids.

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Calvin The 3rd

I met Calvin at the Grand Central Shuttle my first day back after the Hurricane. He had come from Atlanta and was one of the 1000's of disappointed runners who learned that the marathon was cancelled. He was dedicating the run to his grandparents. His attitude was wonderfully accepting of not being able to accomplish his plan, but I think his grandparents will be proud of him no matter what.

What Inspires Ingelou and Gila?

Hunter college students, Ingelou and Gila two women from Holland, came by and filmed me at Grand Central Shuttle recently, they had great questions and even captured a spontaneous jam from trumpeter David who was playing down the corridor.  They also feature other NYC subway musicians.  They did a wonderful job of capturing the feeling of being a subway musician.

What Inspires Ingelou and Gila?  "music, people."

Here's the film they created about their Inspired subway filming