Mitch Goldstein inspired

At the 27th annual Music Under New York auditions I interviewed Mitch Goldstein from about what inspired him to do a story on the musicians auditioning.

Here's some of the artists and interviews he captured during the auditions.

and here's the list of the musicians who auditioned and made it into the program!

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Heard-NY Nick Cave Inspiration

A sensory performance art piece.  A visual mixture of color, music and movement. Live percussionist and harp, and dancers from the Ailey school. Creative Time and MTA Arts For Transit have joined together to present visual artist Nick Cave and his HEARD-NY.  Performances have been going since Monday and will end Sunday March 31st 11am + 2pm (get there 1/2 hour early to be able to get a seat-kids are allowed a special section).

As someone who performs in public spaces, to get a chance to witness a live (and free) performance art piece is such a thrill. The Vanderbilt Hall is an amazing place on any given day, the high ceilings the natural reverberation, but with Nick Cave's piece it comes alive with delight.

What I loved about my experience watching HEARD-NY were the multi-layered sounds as the dancers fitted under horse costumes (yet so much more than that) the materials dragged and snapped the floor all mixed in with children's voices of glee.

In the summer of 2010 I also enjoyed another Creative Time installation by Paul Rameriez Jonas' Key To The City. You can see what inspires Paul here.

Learn more about Arts For Transit

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