Dolly Dimples revisited

update June 25th followup: Thanks to the CBS story, a viewer located Dolly's uhaul trailer -most items were stolen, but at least she got some things back. Here's the story, my clip CBS used comes in at about 1:54.

Back in 2011 as I was arriving to perform in Times Square, I happened to be at the right place at the right time with my camera filming subway musician William Ruiz as two clowns passed by us. I was able to film them for my Inspiration Project. Now 5 years later, I have learned that during a recent move, Dolly Dimples had her UHaul truck stolen with all her clown costumes inside. This means $1000's of dollars of investment and what she needs to work her craft.  I was contacted by a CBS 13 affiliated station out of Sacramento, CA asking me if they could use this footage. "Certainly," was my response. Anything that can help return Dolly's items to her is okay by me. And maybe inspire people to pitch in and help re-outfit an incredibly talented clown. 

See and hear what inspires Dolly below:

Not to mention that both Dolly and Sparky won third place performance medals at the 2011 Clown convention competition!