Bobby rescued Carriage Horse

Invited by Equine Advocates board member Elizabeth Hess, NYCSubwayGirl visits Bobby II Freedom former NYC Carriage Horse saved from slaughter and now a permanent resident in Chatham, NY. She also introduces PMU Mares-rescued from pharmaceutical co labs making hormone drugs using live horse urine, and proven to be cruel and inhumane to horses and fatal to women.

What's Susan Wagner executive director and founder of Equine Advocates Inspiration? "fear of doing something I can't stand, so I did something I like."

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on 2011-04-08 01:41 by NYC Subway Girl

Equine Advocates benefit that I performed in raised about $11,500 on Saturday...which included six new sponsorships! - Two for Harry (slaughter-bound Thoroughbred) and one each forMelanie (PMU offspring), Jeremy (Quarter Horse rescued during a cruelty case), Sophia (former PMU mare) and Connor (PMU offspring.

I was featured on the cover of the Chatham Courier