be good to yourself

Watch a clip I made in Grand Central Station for the holidays with Music Under New York artists James Graseck, Sean Grissom and saw player Moses Josiah.

With the holidays upon us and so many people still affected by the market crash and feeling the pain of higher cost of living, I can see the stress, I can feel it.  So lately I have been chatting more than usual during my subway gigs. I don't usually really chat much because people are moving along their busy way and don't stick around for longer than a song or 2.  But that doesn't mean most people aren't listening as they rush on by. This month, I've been reminding people to not get so wound up by the consuming machine for the holidays.  As people pass by, I say things like "be good to yourself this holiday season, be mindful that we all don't have to buy into the 'I need' stuff game."  We're all so busy and stressed trying to make ends meet and also keep up with the multitude of tech items that now seem we can't live without, but oh yes we can. Really. We forget to focus on the stuff we can do that doesn't cost anything but our time and genuinely makes a difference in our lives.  

So be good to yourself and those around you over the next few weeks, and you just might find it's a new way to start 2011.