Live recording Tara Hill Blues night

I always bring my portable H4N to record my performances. I use mostly for my own archives. Since I'm taking a break I thought you'd enjoy hearing this performance of mine at Tara Hill Tavern. thanks to Sid Moskowitz for putting together these gigs.  

image by Leonard Eisenberg

image by Leonard Eisenberg

Tara Hill Tavern April 28, 2015 Here is the list of songs I performed, including a fun spontaneous jam with accordionist Curtis Becraft, on my song Easy come Easy Go.

Little By Little - Junior Wells

What Fools Do - Cathy Grier

Down On My Knees - Cathy Grier

Raised On Robbery - Joni Mitchell

Easy Come Easy Go - Cathy Grier, (special guest Curtis on accordion)

Good Thing - Cathy Grier

me and Curtis image by  Carla Lynne Hall

me and Curtis image by Carla Lynne Hall

writing a short bio

Today’s thought. Heard on the radio that Hemingway was once asked to write a story in 6 words. His response: For sale, baby shoes, never worn.

Another author added: You called, I answered, wrong number.

Today I’m trying to write a bio, so people can know who I am as they weave through the web waters and come across me. How can I quickly say who I am, what I’ve done, were I’ve been and where I want to go? If I want to talk about all the places I’ve performed in the world, or the crazy eclectic experiences I’ve known, how do I convey it in a concise form? So far I’ve come up with this line.

Cathy’s main guitars a ‘Tokai Stratocaster’ brought back from Japan in 1983 and her ‘Guild Songbird’ acquired in 1990 could tell stories of recordings and performances, and world travel. (too long)…

How about:

My well traveled musical road as witnessed by my two guitars, tell stories of recordings and performances, and world travel.

Or better yet:

My guitars tell stories of recordings and performances, and world travel. (and ironically not many broken strings).