Busking Legal right since 1985

As part of the New York City busking community, I am keenly aware of the importance of live music and art in public spaces.  Most people seem confused whether it is legal to perform in the subway. There is a conflicting belief that you can only perform if you are in the Music Under NY Program. But actually there is a legal precedent giving the right to perform. In 1985 a court case People v. Manning gave performers the constitutional protection for their artistic performances in New York City.

A Festival produced by Busk NY celebrating the 30 years will be held Saturday August 23rd at Herbert Von King Park in Brooklyn from 3-7pm. 670 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

I will be performing with other buskers.  Would love to see you there and get a chance to see buskers having a chance to perform on stage to an audience that isn’t rushing past!! Thanks to Council Member Robert Cornegy, Jr for his support.

BuskNY has a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the Busking at 30 event.  Please consider donating.  The work that BuskNY does, ensures that the rights of buskers are being served 365 days a year. Your support means a lot.

My page For Buskers has detailed information about knowing your rights as a busker in NYC, in the subway's and parks. You can also find lots of good info including MTA’s Rules Of Conduct 1050.6 c where it states the legal right to perform.  Also big kudos to City Lore, Susie Tanenbaum along with The Street Performers Advocacy Project who have created A Guide For Street Performers 

If you want to know more about BuskNY you can contact

Matthew Christian: matthew@buskny.com