Aurel and Elo tribute, victims of Paris massacre

Aurelie de Peretti and Elodie Sappy, friends of mine from St. Tropez, France, visited me in NYC in November 2013. I showed them around the city and they especially enjoyed the subway music we found along the way. 

Aurel and Elo were in Paris on November 13, 2015 attending a concert of Eagles Of Death Metal at the Bataclan concert hall. Aurel was killed, and Elo was gravely wounded. As of this post she is in a Parisian hospital.  My heart goes out to the families of these dear women. They loved life and music

May the death of Aurel and the injuries of Elo not be turned into fear. I found this clip in my archives and am so happy to see them once again filled with light, love and wonderment.  As Aurel exclaims after hearing the brass duo perform on the platform at Broadway and Lafayette, C’est magique which needs no translation.

Love and Light to us all.  I was lucky enough to have know Aurel for the short time I did, and I hope one day to visit Elo and give her a huge hug of love and support.

Music heals.