American Music Project

I;m giving this space to the American Music Project created by Eric Santagada and Marie Sullivan. I met Eric at a concert I performed in in Hudson, NY to benefit Habitat For Humanity.  He talked about this project and I was intrigued.

I look forward to following Eric and Marie on their musical journey and I hope you will too.

from Eric Santagada and Marie Sullivan:

We are travelling across the country, documenting the best music scenes in America.  The American Music Project - Every city has a sound.

We made this video for our Kickstarter fundraising campaign –  It explains what we are doing.


We will spend one month in each city, living out of the AMPmobile (our  van converted into a studio), documenting festivals, popular venues, street performers, and more.  We will produce videos, photographs, and the AMP Blog to tell our story. Our content will be shared using social media.

Everything will be available, for free, on this webpage.

We have successfully raised $9,000 for our first installment -  Nashville, New Orleans, and Austin TX.  We are using the money for our vehicle expenses, additional recording equipment, and for baseline living expenses.  We hope that merchandise sales and sponsorships will allow us to become self-sustainable.

Our content will take four forms:


To make you feel like you are there.    ”Welcome to Nashville,” “SXSW,” “Street Performers of New Orleans,” etc.


Concerts, Portraits, Cityscapes, Behind-the-scenes, etc. to give you a closer look.

The AMP Blog

To chronicle our adventures and insights.

Social Media

We will connect you to our journey, in real-time, using Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, etc.

In the future, we hope to cover more cities, building a rich resource and community for music lovers across America.  Consider following us on Facebook and Twitter, or signing up for updates to the right!

If you know any music lovers in these cities that may be interested in talking to us, please connect us!   We may also need an occasional couch to surf on.

Feel free to email us any time at  info (at)

Welcome to the American Music Project!