Stirred Not Shaken

I continue to be stirred no shaken.

In the years since the event of the 9-11 tragedy, we have spent billions to stop the "war on terror" to stop the next terrorist attack and spent little of our resources on the true threat, that of Natures ability to respond to climate change and her own set of rules.  Now then I ask, when are we going to collectively wise up?

Impossible to war with Nature and expect to win. There can only be humble respect, submission and understanding that maybe we've been too complacent about Natures ability to destroy and disrupt in favor of being afraid of the unknown terrorist.

Food for thought.

For me this storm devastation in NYC is compared to the blackout of 1965, 1981 subway and garbage strikes, September 11, 2001, all in one……

Remain calm folks and when we are done cleaning up the mess from Natures wrath, let's get together and plan our future cities and towns with the Environment in mind.