why NYCSubwayGirl?

Interesting email lately from a wide range of connections, I realized a certain theme is emerging, how do I describe NYCSubwaygirl and why does she exist?  Very existential, no? 

To Margaret Roach an amazing Garden blogger, I wrote: I am a blogger of the underground kind.  Working where the roots of the city make their way, and nourishing them as best I can with my brand of folked-up blues, singing and songwriting.

Natarajan, a visitor from India wrote:

I wonder why you call yourself the subway girl. Is it the struggle or is it the love of life that surrounds the subways in NY. I have a friend who is involved in yoga teaching as I am and lives in NY. .... she was telling me that for creative people its a real struggle but they seem to keep trying and liking it. 

My reply:

NYCSubwayGirl is not about struggle although it is about finding peace in the chaos of the subway.  I am a folk and blues singer, blues comes from experiencing life through struggle and finding a kind of peace through it. Folk comes from singing for and about people. I think singing in the subway is an amazing way to share live music in a public space. 

Yoga has many principles of letting go of struggle, but it does not come without pain. (I practice a very vague form of yoga on my own).  So like the creative people your friend talks about, the struggle comes with it reward of what discipline and practice provides. 


Another theme reappears time and time again what is my name?  It should be so easy and yet people stumble they call me New York City Subway Girl, they call me New York Subway Girl, somehow the initials don't stick.  NYCSubwayGirl in one word you'd think wouldn't be hard to figure out.  Not true. Go figure.

Your thoughts?  

Update on 2011-06-29 14:24 by NYC Subway Girl

thought I'd share a past posting Looking Back On Creating NYCSubwayGirl explaining in more detail why NYCSubwayGirl.