A point about the Occupy Wall ST movement

A worth while read from Isabell Moore, about the Occupy Wall Street movement and how we all are in this crisis together.  We can either run from it or learn from it and certainly we can all do something about it.  This is not about Hippies and Anarchists, this is about honest people wanting to be part of society.  Isabell's blog was sent to me from a cousin of mine living in San Francisco who has been part of the movement to honor humanity with social justice for all. 

We are not a great nation until all of us are strong.


here's an excerpt follow this link to read the whole blog:

October 7, 2011

Dear [Paternal, Maternal & In-Law] Extended Families,

As many of you may know (or may have noticed on Facebook!) I’ve been getting really super excited about all this “We Are the 99%” and “Occupy Wall Street” stuff.  Coincidentally as these protests have been spreading, it’s been at the same time that we’re covering the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the Haitian Revolution and all of the incomplete uprisings before and after each one in the community college history classes I teach.  Its making me remember that no one knew the Storming of the Bastille was going to happen a week or even a day before it did.  Of course during the French Rev, few people were talking about slavery in French colonies, the French role in taking Native lands and women were written out of the Declaration of the Rights of Man.  And the French Revolution began and ended in terrible violence, which is something I don’t want to see again.... read on